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Preparing for Your Dry Cut: A Guide for Curly Clients

A dry cut for curly hair is a transformative experience. Unlike traditional cuts that are often performed on wet hair, dry cutting allows your stylist to appreciate the unique texture, bounce, and shape of your curls in their natural state. However, showing up prepared for your dry cut appointment is essential to ensure the best results. Curly hair cuts are a team sport! Here's your guide to prepping for your upcoming dry cut appointment.

1. Embrace Your Natural State

Dry cutting is all about tailoring the cut to your natural curl pattern and texture. For the best results, arrive at your appointment with your hair in its natural state. Avoid straightening, heavy products, or tying your hair up. Allow your curls to be free so your stylist can assess their authentic form and devise the best strategy to enhance them.

2. Maintain Your Regular Routine

In the days leading up to your dry cut, stick to your regular haircare routine. This helps your stylist get an accurate idea of what your hair naturally looks like, how it behaves, and what it needs. Keep washing, conditioning, and styling your hair as you typically would.

3. Limit Styling Product Use

Even though you're sticking to your regular routine, try to minimize the use of styling products on the day of your appointment. Too much product can alter the natural state of your curls and make it difficult for your stylist to achieve the best cut. If you need to use a product, choose a light hold product that enhances your curls without weighing them down or changing their natural shape.

4. Wash and Detangle within 24 Hours of Your Appointment

To ensure your hair is in optimal condition for your dry cut, wash and detangle your hair within 24 hours of your appointment but make sure that your hair is completely dry when you arrive. This helps remove any product buildup and makes your hair easier to work with during the cutting process. Be sure to use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush, always being gentle with your curls to avoid breakage.

5. Express Your Desires

This isn't a physical prep step, but it's equally essential. Make sure to communicate your desired outcome with your stylist. Remember, what you don't want is as important as what you do! Your stylist is your partner in this journey, and open, clear communication will help them give you the results you're dreaming of.


Prepping for a dry cut appointment isn't just about the physical state of your hair, but also about understanding and communicating your goals. Follow these steps to ensure you're prepared for your dry cut, and you'll be on your way to a haircut that enhances and celebrates your unique curls. Here's to a fantastic curly hair transformation!

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Custom curly cut



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